Technical Stuff

This section of the site provides further information on the use of this site.

Contacting You

If you supply us with an e-mail address, then this is how we will ordinarily contact you. This means that we can maintain contact with you efficiently whilst minimising the environmental impact of our business by reducing our use of paper and the ‘on emissions’ associated with delivering a letter.

If you would prefer to receive letters just let us know.

If You Think You’ve Made a Mistake.

We’ve all made mistakes when making payments or inputting information on-line. You press the button and suddenly you think oops! If this happens whilst using this site DON’T PANIC! Just let us know and we’ll put it right without question.

If You Think We’ve Made A Mistake.

If you think we have contacted you by mistake then just let us know and we’ll talk it through with you.

Offers of Payment.

We will always do our best to accept any offers you make to us; our business relies on us making realistic agreements with people. Sometimes we may need to ask you a few more questions before we can accept your proposals but we are only doing it to make sure that everybody knows the full picture, not to catch you out. If we do contact you don’t worry - it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to help you.

Peace of Mind.

We use industry leading security measures on this site and your bank or card provider will never share your personal details with us and we do not retain any data that we don’t need to manage your account..


Any information supplied by you or your chosen third party is kept in strict confidence, except where you authorise the disclosure or where the disclosure is required by law.

Clarity is a Member of The Credit Services Association, Debt buyers & Sellers Group and is ISO Accredited